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Fly to us!

We offer great value for money due to the location in Central Europe. Benefit from this!

Step one


Contact us

Write an email: biuro@kinetic-cna.pl or call our office: +48  500 015 560

Step two


Waiting for you

When you get your baggage our driver will be already waiting for you at the airport with Kinetic information card in hands. We will take care of your luggage and assist you while walking to one of our cars. 

Step three


We'll pick You up

Get comfortable and enjoy the ride to clinic by one of our roomy cars . Our worker will drive you directly from airport to our nearest clinic.

Step four


Arrival to clinic

We take you from airport directly to the clinic (door-to-door). Take your luggage from Kinetic taxi and start the registration process at the reception desk.

Step five


Get to know your treatment

After diagnosis our audiologist will explain you how your tinnitus is generated and witch type of technology should be selected for an effective treatment.

Step six


Starting your treatment

When the consultation and diagnostic day is done and you’re not planning to stay in Warsaw, our driver can take you back to the airport to catch your flight. If you will get the same day one of our therapeautic solution, the next steps is only to start using it and contact with our doctors by telemedic consultation that we provide in the price of device.

Thank You

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