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Tinnitus reduction and online diagnostics

We introduce a revolutionary system which enables consultation, diagnosis and beginning of tinnitus treatment without leaving home! By choosing video consultation with a specialist, you will find which medical tests are required to select an appropriate technology of tinnitus reduction. The selection is made to one of four plasticity models which appeared during the process of generating tinnitus. A system of diagnosis was created on the basis of everyday medical tests we perform for all patients in order to qualify them to one of four tinnitus therapies. Diet and physical activity sections will provide you with necessary information what to eat and how to exercise for a therapy to be effective.

diagnostics online

Perform necessary tests to determine the model of tinnitus without leaving the place you are at.High frequency audiometry shall diagnose the place of sudden hearing loss and Tinnitus Tone Test (TTT) shall assess the plasticity model. The test is performed automatically, with the quality of a clinical test.

Diet and physical activity for tinnitus reduction

Download now necessary diet and physical training plans; they would reduce the tinnitus or increase the plasticity of nervous system which would make the therapy quicker and more effective.