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Reduction of tinnitus caused by hyperactivity of the corpus callosum fibers

Treatment methods: Memantine or musical training


During acoustic trauma, it’s likely to observe damage of the outer auditory cells as well as damage of the neurons in the auditory cortex. In such situation, a patient usually perceives tinnitus in both ears, but the diagnostics shows unilateral acoustic trauma. If we perform a test to measure activity of the corpus callosum fibers it will show a typical damage of neurons in one of two auditory cortexes. Sudden burn-out of the neurons means a loss of stimulation of a synapse which was connected with a corpus callosum fiber. Exactly the same process emerged with sudden death of the auditory cells in outlying part of neurons of the auditory pathway but on the level of cortical connections. With sudden activity decline caused by death of neurons, a synapse of the corpus callosum fiber increases its activity. Spontaneous activity leads through the whole length of the fiber to the neuron of the auditory cortex in the opposite cerebral hemisphere. It emerges as bilateral tinnitus. Hushing down tinnitus on both sides, with stimulating one side where neurons of the auditory cortex aren’t damaged, is typical for an examination process of a corpus callosum fiber. If a patient visits us within 4 days from acoustic trauma occurrence, we will use a medication called memantine. It’s an antagonist of NMDA receptor and is used in treating disorders of cognitive processes. After 4 days, the medication loses its ability to reduce an excessive activity of synapses in cochlear nuclear.

Technology of reduction

  • 57%

  • 36%

  • 6%

Cortical reorganization in recent-onset tinnitus patients by the Heidelberg Model of Music Therapy (Christoph M. Krick, Miriam Grapp, Jonas Daneshvar-Talebi, Wolfgang Reith, Peter K. Plinkert and Hans Volker Bolay)

Do you always use musical training to acoustic disorders?

Not always, because it can’t be used when neurons of the auditory cortex are damaged. We select technology for one of three models (if we eliminated a model concerning neurons damage) depending on how long we’ve been experiencing tinnitus. Of course, if an acoustic disorder led to sudden hearing loss, not to a process of neurons damage.

Can I perform such a musical training at home by myself?

Of course, you can, but you have to know which instrument should be used at which intensity of dB per octave. Also, which range should be stimulated to reconstruct neurons or even neuro shifting. One simple rule about neurons is that their production is greater in places where they are most stimulated. Thus, if neurons will be analyzing more signal in the range where they were damaged, they will regenerate and reconstruct themselves. This process requires a diet and physical not to reduce activity of synapses, but to increase concentration of certain proteins and activity of receptors which cause faster reconstruction and more effective neurogenesis.

Can musical training be used with other tinnitus models?

Of course, it can. Brain Volts Laboratory of an American university in Northwestern shows beneficial influence of musical training on our cognitive processes, development of creativity or even increase of auditory cortex resistance to acoustic trauma. Development of the cerebral hemispheres’ independence makes speech understanding in noisy environment possible. That’s why we use it with regeneration of the auditory cortex after cochlear implants insertion or hearing aid substitution.

What’s the percentage of effectively reconstructed neurons that were damaged?

Usually it’s around 90%. You need to remember that diet and physical activity should be used to prophylactically prevent every brain region from stress. Acoustic trauma is considered equally stressful for the brain as physical or mental stress. From my personal point of view, if a patient undertakes preventive actions to stay healthy, regardless of reduced tinnitus, I see that as a success. After training session we always perform EEH brain test and ASSR. It measures necessary parameters to claim tinnitus reduction. Patient’s feelings aren’t sufficient, we need to have medical evidence.

Is musical training used in other clinics and countries?

Certainely. The Institute of Physiology and Pathology of Hearing supports teaching how to play instruments in favor of reorganizing auditory cortex after having implants. As far as overseas clinics are concerned, rehabilitation programs are offered by Hearing and Balance Center in Northwestern, and Mayo Clinic.

Technology of tinnitus reduction caused by hyperactive corpus callosum fibers and generated by acoustic trauma: Musical training therapy or treatment with memantine up to four days since the occurrence of acoustic trauma

When neurons of the auditory cortex are damaged, we observe hyperactivity of the corpus callosum synapses. In order to reduce tinnitus caused by death of neurons from the auditory cortex, we have to use a program of regenerating and reconstructing neurons. Due to this process, corpus callosum synapse is reconnected with a reconstructed neuron of the auditory cortex; hyperactivity and tinnitus disappear. It can be done with help of a short-term musical training which can last up to 6 months. When playing an instrument, an alternating stimulation of neurons from the auditory cortex is performed with sound and somatosensory stimulation. It’s been known for some time now that neurons of the auditory cortex analyze not only audible information but also motional information (proproception). This can be used to fasten the process of neurons reconstruction. In addition, numerous research studies show that during even a short-term musical training, the process of generating new populations of hampering neurons occurs. It also regulates balance of neurotransmition of the auditory cortex after acoustic trauma where neuro-shifting occurred.


Musical training is conducted in our clinics. Each patient can take an attempt to practice on his/her own, and we are willing to help in showing what to do to make neurons reconstruct faster.


If a patient shows up in our clinic, he/she will be treated with memantine up to 4 days. This medication lessens and regulates activity of the tinnitus. Conducted research studies available on our website support its effectiveness.