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Kinetic Center of Advanced Audiology is a network of innovative and advanced audiology clinics, which specialize in an effective tinnitus treatment and its proper diagnosis. We also focus on hearing loss treatment, cognitive skills, depression therapy  and acoustic trauma which led to damage of neurons in the auditory cortex.  In 2014 in Warsaw, we opened our very first clinic.

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We have run many advanced research there during which we discovered the real  causes of tinnitus in patients of different age groups and experiences. In 2015 in Bydgoszcz, we opened our second clinic, where we also provide the patients with the advanced technology we created.In 2016 in Szczecin and Hangzhou Branch - China we opend our another clinic. Among multitude of audiology clinics, ours were first to provide four complex tinnitus treatment technologies and that made us the world’s pioneer in an effective tinnitus treatment.  In our clinics, you will find the rTMS transcranial simulator with Syneika neuronavigation device which is used in tinnitus treatment of enhanced synchronization group (40 % of all patients with tinnitus). Also, you will find a special therapy for tinnitus of spontaneous activity group (50 % of all patients with tinnitus). This therapy was created and patented by us, and it uses the process called Synaptic Adaptation Arc Therapy which is present in the nervous system. Moreover, we offer Acoustic Neuromodulation CR therapy for patients with tinnitus characterized by hyperactivity of the horizontal fibers in the auditory cortex (3 % of all patients with tinnitus). Additionally, we have a special neuromusical training prepared for patients with tinnitus caused by acoustic trauma (hyperactivity of the corpus callosum fibers).



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